Monday, May 18, 2009

Pit Stop

Dan and I returned to our hostel Sunday night to find a note on the door. "The Japan Health and Human Services would like to verify your condition. Please go to the reception desk for a brief health check."

We stopped by reception on our way out yesterday morning. This was not a simple, yes I'm feeling fine thank you, health check. They took both of our temperatures via an armpit thermometer.

We're both well, just a little jet-lagged, thank you.


  1. One of the three that follow the blog checking in. Sounds like a blast so far and it is good that you do not have the swine flu!

    Mark did your beard freak out your friends?

    Also, LOST was some crazy shit!

  2. have you seen any of those vending machines that sell soiled panties yet?

  3. Uhh... still checking on those vending machines. We did see a "love goods" store though, that sold something called "Menz Hole."

    Mark's beard is freaking out everyone, not just his friends. Little children on the trains stand and stare at him, then make these little moves forward to touch it before they realize it would be rude. It's pretty hilarious.

    Lost was amazing. I can't believe they left us like that.