Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Japanese counterparts

On Tuesday night we all met the Japanese students who we will be working with for the next two weeks (or at this point, a week and a half). They were all super nice, but don't know tons of English, so our conversations are really pretty fun. We all went out to a restaurant, which was entirely rented out for our use. Check out photos at the restaurant website: Penny Lane

For the rest of the time we are in Tokyo, we will be working on a short 2-3 minute video about the materiality of Japan (or really, anything we want). We aren't required to work with a group, but we have been collaborating with some of the Japanese students to get some ideas out and to get a more in-depth tour of Tokyo while we are here. When the videos are finished, they will all be posted on the class blog, but we will also post the 3 that we make on this blog.

When we went out the other night, it was also Amber's birthday, and they brought over a piece of cake with "Happy Birthday Amber" written on the plate next to it. After several iterations, it became something else entirely.

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  1. um, it has been like nine days since the last posting...

    let's not make excuses here. japan is, like, some high tech shit. get on the web and tell us what's up.