Friday, June 5, 2009

Yokohama Spider-La Machine

Dan and I went to Yokohama 8 days ago (Sunday) to visit the Yokohama International Ferry Terminal, previously posted about by Messie. Here are two photos from our visit.

Considering the crazy geometries of the buidling, I think we each did a pretty good sketch of the space.

We then checked out the Y150 expo that is happening all summer to celebrate the city's sesquicentennial (what a great word!). What, from the ferry terminal, we had thought were a flock of birds turned out to be Flogos. When we finally found one that had landed we saw that they're made up of some lighter than air foam. The birds' movement was so lifelike in the way they rode air currents.

Our final stop at the expo was at the giant spider performance art/machine created by art/machine collective La Machine. Here are some snippets from the performance! (Not sure the video will work...we'll see.)

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